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I’m Jean-Luc (Founder, Owner & Photographer), a Frenchman originally from a village near Toulouse in the South West region of France. I have lived in Cambridge since 1998, fell in love with the place, and stayed! I am married to Liza and I’m a dad to Zach.

I am mainly a people photographer. I love photographing weddings, I love getting pictures of people at their happiest, I love to capture emotionally charged moments, this is the key to everything. On top of having a great eye, knowing what composition will work, timing and anticipation are everything.

Trust me with your wedding photographs like many other couples have done in the past. You will love your resulting set of images. I am a friendly photographer and I am unobtrusive. My years of experience mean that I know my camera inside out and I know what works and what doesn’t work.

I tend to prefer simple and minimalistic setups to over indulgent and technical ones. I will see something and press the shutter, pause, look around, and I will see something else and photograph it.

Photography specialties

While my website is mainly geared towards wedding photography, I am in great demand for people photography in general but also architecture and food photography. I also get a lot of enquiries for providing website imagery. Here is a non-exhaustive list of specialities I offer and the related pages on my website:

Commercial Photography

Corporate Photography

Event Photography

Portrait Photography

Family Portraits

School Photography (no portfolio for privacy reasons)

Stock Photography

I now offer stock photography of Cambridge for use in your websites and brochures.

Travel Photography

Photographs of my travels to Cuba, Italy and around the UK are available for purchase here.

Travel Photography Workshops

South of France

We are in the process of setting up niche travel photography workshops in the South of France in an amazing setting. The 4 days / 3 nights trips will take place twice a year, in May and late September. I will be directing the trip along with a local knowledgeable photographer.

If you like photography and nice wine, please contact me as soon as possible to register your interest.