Corporate headshots


Corporate headshot photography, unlike environmental portrait photography, needs a lot more preparation. The setup of the flashes and the backdrop, as well as a few test shots, will take time. At least 30 minutes ahead of starting time.
Here are a few pointers to be aware of before attempting corporate headshots on location at your offices.

It is important that the person who booked the shoot is able to orchestrate people on the day and arrange all the little details. Also:

• Make sure that a room is available for the shoot with an electric plug for the softbox.
• Inform your staff about the fact that a photographer will be around to take pictures and the reason why he will be taking pictures for. Also warm them way in advance, so that they have time to get a haircut if needed.
• Remember that not everyone likes to have their picture taken. And make sure to ask all the staff to be photographed to sign a model release.
• Try not to cram too many headshots per hour, even though it will probably go quite steadily once everything has been set up, a good 10 to 15 minutes per subject is a good going.
• Think in advance about what kind of corporate headshots you want, google some images, if it’s for your website, get some suggestions from your web designer about what is needed.
• Any nasty spots appearing overnight before the shoot can easily be airbrushed, so do not stress too much, the post-processing stage can do wonders.

I have been taking corporate headshots photography for many years, for big companies across the region like AstraZeneca and Abcam. I work in Cambridge & Cambridgeshire, as well as East Anglia. The goal is to offer professional environmental photography, for company websites or brochures to make your company stand out.

Corporate headshots photography pricing

Corporate headshots photography pricing

Subsequent hourly fee (from the 3-hour package): £50 per hour (on the basis of an 8 hour working day). Longer days and several days in a row, contact me.

What I will deliver: license-free and unlimited copyright use post-processed high-resolution digital image files.