There is a great demand for Cambridge corporate photography. My lifestyle portraits and my people photography, in general, have earned me rave reviews over the years, and corporate portraits are a natural evolution from there.

Whether you need formal portraits shot in front of a white backdrop or with a more lifestyle approach, with blurred backdrops or more real environments like a lab or your place of work, or even a garden, let me know what you have in mind and we can come up with some ideas to achieve what you have in mind.

I have been taking corporate photography for many years, for big companies across the region like AstraZeneca and Abcam. I work in Cambridge & Cambridgeshire, as well as East Anglia. The goal is to offer professional corporate photography, for company websites or brochures to make your company stand out.

Corporate Headshots with white backdrop

Corporate headshots on location

I am happy to come on location to your offices with my pop-up white backdrop and studio flashes to capture your corporate headshots. I will then go back to my office to work on the pictures and put them in an online gallery. You will then be able to choose one (or more) picture per employee for me to work on further in Photoshop, and create the final image.

Proof of concept: Abcam corporate case study

Corporate Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle corporate portraits on location

I can come to your offices to capture your lifestyle corporate portraits and use natural backdrops like computers, labs, natural environments, meeting rooms, etc. I will then go back to my office to work on the pictures and put them in an online gallery.

Cambridge corporate Photography pricing

Lifestyle portraits hourly rate: £120

Corporate headshots hourly rate: £150

Corporate Photography half-day rate: £300

Corporate Photography full day rate: £500

Our fees and expenses are not subject to VAT.