Environmental Portraits


Every now and again, photographic styles shift, and over the last six months, more and more clients have been requesting that I produce “environmental portraits” or “portraits on location” rather than the usual lifestyle headshots.

Capturing images “on location” or in the corporate workplace usually gives context to the subject in his/her natural or daily environment and tells a story.

As part of my job as a pro photographer, I much prefer this kind of corporate portraiture to usual corporate headshots as I believe that it paints a more relaxed and clearer “picture” of the subject than the ones captured with a coloured or white backdrop.

I have been taking corporate photography for many years, for big companies across the region like AstraZeneca and Abcam. I work in Cambridge & Cambridgeshire, as well as East Anglia. The goal is to offer professional environmental photography, for company websites or brochures to make your company stand out.

Corporate environmental photography pricing

Corporate environmental photography pricing

Subsequent hourly fee (from the 3-hour package): £50 per hour (on the basis of an 8 hour working day). Longer days and several days in a row, contact me.

What I will deliver: license-free and unlimited copyright use post-processed high-resolution digital image files.