Equestrian photography / Horse racing photography

Enquire today about our Equestrian photography and our horse racing event photography. We cover Cambridge, Newmarket and Thetford locally but we are happy to travel. For events further afield in the UK, minimum bookings of 8 hours apply. You only pay for the photography coverage locally (travel fees will only be included for trips abroad).

Fields of expertise

Our equestrian photography services include but are not limited to:
– Horse Photography
– Studs & Stables Photography
– Corporate Photography (sponsor branding, communication, PR events, )
– Horse Racing Photography

We travel worldwide to capture events.

San Rossore Italy Endurance Festival 2019

Thetford UK Endurance Race 2019



Horse racing photography is quite a specialised market. It requires the event photographer to constantly be aware of what is going on around him. Make good use of the light and get good pictures, and be aware of the sped of the horses. Your photographer needs to move around the crowd without being noticed too much. But needs to document what is going on without interfering.

The photographer is essentially telling a story. He will need to capture the important horses, riders, as well as branding if you are sponsoring the event, people and events in the event itself and the detail shots. But he always needs to be ready for the key moments and grab them, all of them. But most importantly, grab the unusual, the important shots, the shots that wow everyone and the award ceremony if there is any.

Equestrian photography coverage pricing

  • 1st hour £100
  • 2nd hour £80
  • 3rd hour £70
  • Subsequent hours £50
  • Half days £300
  • Full days £500
  • Full days abroad £800+

All the post-processed high-resolution photographs are uploaded after the shoot for your social media imperatives.

Included in the price:

  • Photography Coverage
  • Post processing of images
  • Online gallery with free downloads

We charge extra for travel abroad. We are happy for you to take care of flights and hotel reservations. We also charge £175 per travel day.

If you do not find prices for your event on this page, contact us.