Lifestyle Photography

Photography is my job and my passion, my camera allows me to capture moments through my eyes. The aim for me is to capture what defines you or your family.

I always favour shooting in natural settings, either at your home or on location (in a familiar park or wood) rather than in a studio environment.

Portrait photography of this kind shouldn’t be hurried. The intention is to achieve a final outcome you will be proud of and happy to show to your family and friends, and display on the walls of your house. I would encourage you to set aside as much time as you can for the session, at least one and a half hour, so we can capture natural & beautiful photographs.

I don’t like being in front of the camera too much, and I can understand you feel the same about it. It is normal to feel nervous, so the progress is gradual, and your confidence will grow, and with it, pictures will look more and more natural.

I am married and have a cheeky young son and a gorgeous ragdoll cat at home, capturing the important moments of our lives takes spontaneity or sometimes a little more planning, but the effort is always worth it, especially when you look back over those moments, years later.

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