Portrait Photography

Enquire today about our Cambridge portrait photography.

We much prefer using the city streets and walls as a backdrop for our portrait photography. The lifestyle element is somehow what makes our style what it is. We are proud of this almost trademark feature in the way we capture portraits in Cambridge, and we would love to capture your very own portraits in your city for you.

Fields of expertise

Our portrait photography services include but are not limited to:
– Portrait Photography (including professional portrait generally shot in Cambridge city centre, at various locations, over the course of one hour)
– Profile Photography (including social media profile photography, dating websites & Tinder profile photography and CVs & LinkedIn profile photography)
– Family Portraits Photography (including toddler photography, children photography & family photography)
– Model Portfolio (including headshots, creative lifestyle images, possibility of a studio session)
– Corporate lifestyle portraits
– Corporate portrait photography (with backdrop and studio lights). Generally done at your company’s premises. Contact me for a personalised quote for all your corporate photography needs.


Portrait photography is quite a specialised market. It requires for the event photographer to constantly be aware of what is going on around him. Make good use of the light and get good pictures. Ideally, you need an unobtrusive photographer who do not disturb the guests and people present constantly. It combines bits of photo journalism & street photography. Your photographer needs to move within the crowd without being noticed too much. But needs to document what is going on without interfering.

Portrait photography shooting fee

One person portrait photography

  • Photography Coverage (1 hour max)
  • Post processing of images
  • 15+ images minimum
  • Online gallery
  • £100

Engagement/Family portrait photography

  • Photography Coverage (1.5 hours max)
  • Post processing of images
  • 30+ images minimum
  • Online gallery
  • £150

Corporate portrait photography