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  • Bride and groom showered in confetti at Walcot Hall in Shropshire
  • Bride and groom in the woods at sunset at Madingley Hall, Cambridge
  • Bride bouquet in the sunset
  • Wedding photography of a bride posing in the alley of trees leading to Langar Hall in Nottinghamshire
  • Groom kissing his bride's cheek at Queen's college, Cambridge
  • Bride and groom on a punt boat on the river Cam in Cambridge, near the Bridge of Sighs
  • Bride and groom kissing in the woods with bride wearing her groom's top hat
  • Wedding photographer Corpus Christi college, Cambridge
  • Bride and groom holding hands in front of Rolls Royce garage doors
  • Bride and groom and wedding party posing comically in front of Homme House in Herefordshire
  • Bride and groom chatting in front of the Mathematical Bridge in Queen's college, Cambridge
  • Wedding photographer Shire Hall, Cambridge & Willow Tree, Bourn
  • Bride and groom standing on the Mathematical Bridge in Cambridge
  • Wedding photographer Homme House
  • Wedding photographer Rectory Farm
  • Groom hiding behind his hand during the speeches at Emmanuel college, Cambridge
  • Bride and groom looking into each other's eyes at Selwyn college, Cambridge
  • Bride and groom sharing a kiss behind the register office marriage contract book at South Farm
  • Magdalene college wedding photography
  • The Eltisley wedding photographer Cambridgeshire
  • Wedding photography Great Wilbraham Barn
  • Bride posing by the entrance of Hemingford Grey church
  • Wedding Photography Cambridge
  • Hourly Wedding Photography Coverage
  • Cambridge real weddings
  • Bride posing on the lawn in front of Longstowe Hall
  • St John's college wedding photographer
  • Wales wedding photography
  • Bride and groom kissing and bridesmaid tapping groom on the shoulder
  • Groom looking at his bride in their wedding car
  • Bride smiling and looking at the camera while the groom looks at her
  • Bride and groom kissing in Trinity college Masters' Gardens
  • Emmanuel college wedding photographer
  • Wedding ceremony taking place in the gazebo of the Sheene Mill
  • King's college wedding photography
  • Bride broadly smiling at Rectory Farm, Cambridge
  • Bride smiling at the camera with a dress spread on the grass at Queen's college, Cambridge
  • Bride bouquet resting on a window sill
  • Groom and groomsmen posing in front of Anstey Hall near Cambridge
  • Groom with "till death us do part" written in the palm of his hand just outside the church
  • Wedding Shire Hall and Midsummer House Cambridge
  • Groom and groomsmen walking with the sun setting behind them with their long shadows projected on the grass
  • Bride smiling at the camera at Ingliston Estate near Glasgow, with the Scottish Highlands in the background
  • Bride and groom checking their rings out at Trinity Hall college, Cambridge
  • Bride smiling at her dad just before getting married at Chilford hall
  • Bridesmaid reflecting
  • Swynford Manor main ceremony room
  • Bride reflected in the mirror at Swynford Manor
  • Bride bouquet in the grass
  • Bride and groom exchanging a kiss at the top of Selwyn college stairs leading to the main hall
  • Bride and groom posing in the door of the Master's lodge at Selwyn college in Cambridge
  • Bride and groom looking at the camera amongst the daisies at Madingley Hall near Cambridge
  • Bride and groom kissing in front of Langar hall
  • Bridal preparations at South Farm
  • Bride and groom kissing near Shire Hall
  • Bride and groom kissing on Cambridge Hill
  • Wedding photographer Coq d'Argent London
  • Bride and groom singing in Trinity college chapel, Cambridge
  • Bride and groom in full Indian wedding attire in Peterborough
  • Bride and groom elated to be married, looking at each other
  • Bride and groom posing by the brick wall at Anstey Hall near Cambridge
  • Bride and groom looking at the camera in Pendennis Castle in Falmouth, Cornwall
Award-Winning Photographer

“Cambridge wedding photographer Jean-Luc Benazet is the go-to photographer for many brides and grooms in the UK. He has been voted one of the Top 3 Photographers in Cambridge in October 2016. The criteria for this vote – customer reviews, business history, client satisfaction, trust, cost and the overall experience.”

One Of Your Best Investments

You should mainly see my wedding photography coverage fee as an investment. Your wedding pictures will be treasured for years to come. Check my price list for a unique full day wedding photography coverage here.

Bride and groom on a punt just past the Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge
Bride and groom showered with confetti
Bride and groom near Rolls Royce parking

My name is Jean-Luc Benazet, and I am a professional photographer in Cambridge. I specialise in a range of photography services such as; wedding photography, family photos and portrait photography. I love photography with a passion, and I make it my duty to take pictures that are going to last you a lifetime in memories that you will never forget. I was voted in the top 3 photographers in Cambridge which I am extremely proud of because it means that I am making people happy through the work that I carry out.  


For many years, I have found great happiness through my photography, and that is why my favourite things to photograph are people at their happiest. Whether this is on your special wedding day or with your beloved family, I enjoy taking photos of people having fun and at their height of enjoyment. My happiness comes through capturing other people’s happiness. So for professional and dedicated photography in Cambridge, get in touch with me via email or telephone.


For me, my process is crucial when taking photographs because it allows for your photos to represent the amazing memories at an amazing quality. I don’t tend to use big set ups as I like to stay out of the way and not be too obtrusive on your special day or during your event. Since I started photography, I have always loved capturing emotionally charged photo’s because I believe that they create more of an impact in your mind and your heart. If you’re in need of any photographer, get in touch with your local Cambridge photographer.

Wedding photographer Cambridge Bride
Bride and groom with the sun setting in the background
Bride and groom at sunset

My favourite type of photography, hands down, is wedding photography. This is because it is the most precious day of most people’s lives and I feel honoured to be able to experience it and capture all of your special moments. I am the ideal person to be your wedding photographer in Cambridge because I show that I care through my work and, I believe that, the end results are a good indicator of my abilities.


Choosing me as your wedding photographer is something that you’re never going to regret because I take pride and joy in taking the best pictures possible of your special day. I have been voted in the top 3 professional photographers in Cambridge which gives you an idea of my abilities when it comes to wedding photography.


The ideal wedding photo that I would like to capture would be one that isn’t too intrusive on the environment but one that still portrays an original and creative photograph. I like to catch a mix of staged and natural photos to give you the ultimate enjoyment when you look back on the pictures in the years to come. For your expert Cambridge wedding photographer, give me a call or send me an email today!


I never miss a chance to take amazing images when I see them. Being creative allows me to get all the superb shots that will make your wedding stand out, and leave you in awe.


I love to capture weddings in the way many photo journalists before me have captured world events happening before their eyes, mainly as spectators, and witnesses. Barely as actors. I will tell the story of your day, in pictures.


I will capture your wedding and stay for as long as you need me to stay. Depending on your budget and desire… But I will give you more pictures than my competitors. Shooting roughly 100 pictures per hour.

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